The Caldwell collection of viols : a life together in the pursuit of beauty / Catharina Meints Caldwell

  • Catharina Meints Caldwell
  • with notes on the instruments by John Pringle and notes on the makers by Thomas G. MacCracken

Edité par : Music Word Media. Hudson NY
ISBN : 978-1-937330-18-7
147 p. ; illustrations, photographies ; 33 cm ; 2 CD


This book presents the stringed musical instruments in the Caldwell Collection of Viols, including fine, rare, and important examples by Amati, Bertrand, Norman, Rose, Tielke, and others. Lavishly illustrated listings provide : 217 photographs, including full-page portraits of each instrument by Roger Mastroianni, over 70 minutes of music, in 40 audio tracks, details of provenance, dimensions, and restoration history, technical descriptions of each instrument by the contemporary viol builder John Pringle, essays on the makers by the musicologist Thomas G. MacCracken. The book is a moving and humorous memoir as well as a catalogue, telling the story of how the collection was shaped by the forty-year musical life together of its principals, and by their conviction that instruments, no matter how beautiful, are meant to be played and heard, not just looked at.

Bibliographie pp. 142-144. Index

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