World music. Musics of the world : aspects of documentation, mass media and acculturation / edited by Max Peter Baumann ; assistant editor Ulrich Wegner

  • edited by Max Peter Baumann ; assistant editor Ulrich Wegner
  • International Institute for traditional music Berlin

Edité par : Noetzel (Florian). Wilhelmshaven
ISBN : 3-7959-0642-3
317 p. ; 23 cm


Contient :
Mediamorphosis and secondary orality : a challenge to cultural policy - Kurt Blaukopf
The dual role of the mass media in traditional music cultures - Oskar Elschek
World music: musics of the world - Lupwishi Mbuyamba
World musics : phenomenon and object of modern science - Izaly Zemtsovsky
Music worlds and music of the world : the case of Oman - Dieter Christensen
Nigerian music in the politics of values : between creative Ennui and Cultural Squint - Meki Nzewi
Safeguarding of musical traditions. Towards the "rehabilitation of the alien" - Max Peter Baumann
Safeguarding traditional music in contemporary Portugal - Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco
Preservation, the mass media and dissemination of traditional musics : the case of the peruvian Andes - Raul R. Romero
Local, national and international musics. A changing scene of interaction - Krister Malm
Aspects of documentation and mass media. A viewpoint from India - Shubha Chaudhuri
Media technology and its impact on the dynamics of musical culture: the Hong-Kong - China phenomena - Tsao Penyeh
Documentation and disintegration. Aboriginal australian in the modern world - Catherine J. Ellis
Recent research on Amazonian ethnology and indigenous history. A musical approach - Lux Boelitz Vidal
Acculturation and internationalization - José Maceda

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