The golden age of Flemish harpsichord making : a study of the MIM's Ruckers instruments / Directed by Pascale Vandervellen

  • Directed by Pascale Vandervellen

Edité par : Musical Instruments Museum. Brussels
1 vol. (420 p.) ; illustrations, photographies ; 28 cm


Among the great names in the history of harpsichord making, that of the Ruckers is probably the most famous. This dynasty of makers, represented by four generations active in Antwerp between c. 1580 and c. 1680, exerted a predominant influence in Western Europe. The MIM owns eighteen instruments considered at the time of their acquisition to be Ruckers. Given the considerable patrimonial interest of this collection, a project centred on its conservation, study, restoration and enhancement was set up. The present publication sums up this fascinating research and sheds new light on this outstanding heritage

Contient : "Foreword" / Alexandra De Poorter. "Preface" / Stéphane Vaiedelich. "Introduction" / Pascale Vandervellen. "16th- and 17th-century harpsichord making in Antwerp in an urban context" / Karel Moens. "Iconography of Ruckers keyboard instruments in 16th- and 17th-century Flemish and Dutch painting" / Marcel Vekemans. "The musical uses of Ruckers harpsichords in their own time" / John Koster. "Catalogue of the MIM's Ruckers instruments" / Pascale Vandervellen. "The Ruckers roses revealed : comparison of the roses on Ruckers instruments using optical analysis and XRF" / Emily Akkermans and Patrick Storme. "Looking beyond the decorated surface : a material-technical study of decorations on Ruckers instruments" / Steven Savermyns and Marina Van Bos. "The acoustic silhouette of Ruckers harpsichords : a comparative analysis of harpsichords' functionality" / Sandie Le Conte. "Dendrochronological analyses of the soundboards of the MIM's Ruckers instruments" / Arjan Versteeg. "Dendrochronological analysis of the 1610 HR Mother-and-Child Muselar viriginal" / Pascale Fraiture. "Wood identification of the 1610 HR Mother-and-Child Muselar virginal" / Armelle Weitz, Philippe Gerrienne. "A note on the so-called "Ruckers/Taskin" double-manual harpsichord ("1612 HR")" / Alain Anselm.

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