Making wooden musical instruments : an integration of different forms of knowledge : proceedings : 3rd Annual conference COST FP1302 WoodMusICK : Museu de la Musica de Barcelona, September 7-9, 2016 / Editors Marco A. Pérez & Sandie Le Conte

  • Editors Marco A. Pérez & Sandie Le Conte

Edité par : COST. Barcelona
ISBN : 978-84-945603-3-0
200 p. ; illustrations, photographies, graphiques ; 25 cm


Comment réagissent les bois utilisés pour fabriquer des instruments de musique ? Les réponses d'une équipe internationale de chercheurs issus de différents musées, d'universités et de laboratoires de recherche.

Contient : "White mulberry and walnut for Iranian musical instruments" / Aida Se Golpayegoni. "Historical and contemporary non-occidental long-neck lutes : relationships between making strategies, acoustic silhouette and musical aesthetic" / Henri Boutin, Farrokh Vahabzadeh, Sandie Le Conte, Philippe Bruguière. "Traditional and physico-acoustical grading of African padouk (Pterocarpus Soyauxii) wood for xylophones" / A. Straze, B. Mitkovski, J. Tippner, K. Cufar, Z. Gorisek. "On the effect of material in the acoustics of flutes" / Lamberto Tronchin, Alberto Amendola. "Identification issues of wood in music instruments" / Piotr Borysiuk, Leslawa Ciach, Agnieszka Jankowska, Pawel Kozakiewicz, Agnieszka Kurowska. "Collaborating with acousticians, musicologist [sic] & flute makers : towards the conception of a 19th century flute" / Camille Vauthrin, Cassandre Balosso-Bardin, Patricio de la Cuadra, Roosen Flute, Benoît Fabre. "Reverse engineering and a reconstruction of the "Van Eyck" organ" / Andrzej Perz, Jan Boon, Patrick De Baets, Francis Ponseele. "Using input acoustic impedance to propose the best restoration material" / Efstathios Doganis, Sandie Le Conte, Anastasia Pournou. "Acoustic wood properties of Norway spruce growing in the Ukrainian Carpathians" / Ivan Sopushynskyy, Charles David Ray, Serhiy Zhmurko, Viktor Borisov, Ivan Kharyton, Mykola Sopushynskyy. "Documenting the construction technology of a portable wooden pump organ" / Christina Sperantza, Anastasia Pournou. "A window on the world of guitars of Granada, the city of guitar-makers" / Daniel Gil de Avalle, Enca Gonzalez. "Relationships between quantitative anatomy, microstructure, and vibrational properties of wavy maple wood" / Ahmad Alkadri, Capucine Carlier, Patrick Langbour, Iris Brémaud. "Assessment of volatile organic compounds (VOCs emission from wood applied to the conservation of wooden musical instruments" / Martina Sassoli, Marco Fioravanti. "Methodical Center of Documentation, Conservation and Restoration of Musical Instruments (MCMI)" / Adam Bitljan, Tereza Zurkova. "Changes in vibrational properties of coated wood through time from application of varnish, with recipes used in European or Iranian string instruments making" / Iris Brémaud, Elham Karami, Sandrine Bardet, Nicolas Gilles, François Perego, Samad Zare, Joseph Gril. "Self-destructive elements in the construction of guitars in the nineteenth century" / Jonathan Santa Maria Bouquet. "Influence of different bridge timbers on the resonance behavior [sic] of acoustic guitars in the traditional Maccaferri design : preview" / Volker Haag, Niko Plath. "Driving point mobilities of a concert grand piano soundboard in different stages of production" / Niko Plath, Florian Pfeifle, Christian Koehn, Rolf Bader. "Wood, gut and compass. Strategies for making string instruments in the Iberian world (XVI-XVIII centuries)" / Cristina Bordas Ibanez. "Wood-wind craftwork and numerical world : an experience" / Pierre Ribo, Fritz Heller, Roberto Bando, Frank Kamper. "A study of the life, instruments and working methods of the 18th century violin maker Benoît Joseph Boussu : a presentation of the project" / Geerten Verberkmoes. "Evaluating the use of industrial X-Ray CT to the reverse engineering of bowed stringed instruments" / Francesco Piasentini, Andrea Scanavini, Simone Carmignato, Valentina Aloisi, Manuel Rigodanza. "Reconstruction of oboes made by Christophe Delusse : from the material sources to the sounding instrument" / Stéphane Vaiedelich, Bruno Salenson, Sandie Le Conte, Lola Soulier, Thierry Maniguet. "Rethinking the possibilities of a notched flute : the case of Quena" / Cassandre Balosso-Bardin, Patricio de la Cuadra, Camille Vauthrin, Benoît Fabre. "The contribution of archival research in the field of organology in particular regarding musical instrument builders" / Maria da Gloria Leitao Venceslau. "Wood as a window : keyboard instruments in their global context" / John Koster. "A new approach to the design of Cremonese violins, using the Roman Oncia" / Simone R. Zopf. "Modal analysis illuminates the history of the soundpost" / George Stoppani. "Methodologies and tools for characterising stringed musical instruments in the maker's workshop" / François Gautier, Frédéric Ablitzer, Guilherme Paiva, Bertrand David, Marthe Curtit, Mathieu Sécail, Emmanuel Brasseur, Gautier Michelin. "The industrialisation of the early pedal harp : detecting evidence on wood and metal" / Panagiotis Poulopoulos, Marisa Pamplona, Luise Richter. "Ruckers harpsichords : specific acoustic silhouette ?" / Sandie Le Conte, Pascale Vandervellen. "The impact of the Second World War on piano manufacturing in Britain" / Sarah K. Deters.

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