Furniture finishes : past, present and future of transparent wood coatings : proceedings [of the] Twelfth International Symposium on Wood and Furniture Conservation / Miko Vasques Dias (Ed.)

  • Miko Vasques Dias (Ed.)

Edité par : Stichting Ebenist. Amsterdam
ISBN : 978-90-820264-3-6
158 p. ; illustrations, photographies ; 30 cm


Contient : "Seeing more clearly through opaque surfaces : a review of furniture finish materials, their use, and ethical considerations related to their preservation" / Stefanie Auffret, Gregory Landrey. "A new take on patina" / Agelika Rauch, Beatrice Szameitat. "Mis en couleur : the colouring of gilt bronze. A review of recipes" / Arie Pappot. "When silver looked like gold : "To strip or not to strip". A case study" / Léa Wegwitz, Kerstin Wadewitz. "A comparative study of the protective action of three coatings on damaged oil gilding" / Léa Wegwitz. "European lacquer in context, an interdisciplinary and systematic approach to the study of the tradition of European lacquering" / V. Cattersel, L. Decq, C. Indekeu, E. Van Binnebeke, D. Steyaert, W. Fremout, S. Saverwyns. "Incorporating acrylic materials in the conservation of the Drayton Hall desk and bookcase" / Christopher M. Swan. "Furniture finishing : new materials and methods for restoration" / Anna Piccirillo, Stefania de Blasi, Paolo Luciani, Tommaso Poli. "An evaluation of protective coatings for brass in indoor environments, with an emphasis on Boulle marquetry" / Ariel Heginbotham, Vincent Beltran, Briana Feston, Ruven Pillay, Christina Simms. "Research into and the conservation of varnishes used on historical stringed instruments : a challenging complexity" / Jean-Philippe Echard. "Creating a varnish "refresher" " / Heinrich Piening. "Varnish patches for lacunae in transparent coatings" / Heinrich Piening. "The infillings of gaps in transparent finishes on wood using polymeric films" / Diederik Kits Nieuwenkamp. "Transparent historical finishes on Dutch furniture" / Paul van Duin. "The analysis and identification of transparent finishes using thermally assisted hydrolysis and methylation pyrolis-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry" / Henk van Keulen. "Assessing the finish of a cabinet by H.P. Berlage from the Sint Hubertus hunting lodge" / Boudewien Westra. "Furniture finish recipes from nineteenth-century sources" / Sophie Glerum.

Contient :
Research into and the conservation of varnishes used on historical stringed instruments : a challenging complexity - Jean-Philippe Echard

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