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Inventing the American guitar : the pre-Civil War innovations of C.F. Martin and his contemporaries

  • Edited by Robert Shaw and Peter Szego
  • essays by David Gansz, Richard Johnston, David Laplante, Arian Sheets and James Westbrook

Edité par : Hal Leonard. Milwaukee, WI
ISBN : 978-1-4584-0576-0
289 p.. illustrations, photographies, schémas, dessin technique. 29 cm


Inventing the American Guitar describes the early history of American guitar design in detail. It tells the story of how a European instrument was transformed into one with all of the design and construction features that define the iconic American flat-top guitar. This transformation happened within a mere 20 years, a remarkably brief period. The person who dominates this history is C. F. Martin Sr., America's first major guitar maker and the founder of the Martin Guitar Company, which continues to produce outstanding flat-top guitars today.

Contient : " Foreword " / by Jayson Kerr Dobney. " Preface " / by Peter Szego. "Johann Georg Stauffer and the Viennese guitar " / James Westbrook. " C. F. Martin' homeland and the Vogtland trade " / Arian Sheets. " C. F. Martin in New York, 1833-1839 " / Richard Johnston. " The Spanish guitar in the United States before 1850 " / David Gansz. " The Cadiz guitar and its influence on C. F. Martin " / David LaPlante. " C. F. Martin in Pennsylvania, 1839-1850 : a period of transition " / Richard Johnston. " Evolution of the top bracing of C. F. Martin's guitars ". " Madame de Goni and the Spanish-American guitar as adopted by James Ashborn " / David Gansz. " C. F. Martin in Pennsylvania, 1850-1867 : fine tuning " / Richard Johnston. " Early Martin guitar design and construction : what survived " / Richard Johnston.

Glossaire. Bibliographie p. 271. Index

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