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Living Through Pop

  • Edited by Andrew Blake

Edité par : Routledge. London ; New York
ISBN : 0-415-16198-3
180 p.. 24 cm


Contient : "Loosen up : the Rolling Stones ring in the 1960s" / Tim Barnes. "White light/white heat : jouissance beyond gender in the Velvet Underground" / Jeremy Gilbert. "I was there : putting punk on television" / Steve Hawes. "Making noise : notes from the 1980s" / Andrew Blake. "Decoding Society versus the Popsicle Academy : on the value of being unpopular" / Ben Watson. "Exploding silence : African-Caribbean and African-American music in British culture towards 2000" / Imruh Bakari. "Listening back from Blackburn : virtual sound worlds and the creation of temporary autonomy" / James Ingham. "Living in France : the parallel universe of Hexagonal pop" / Rupa Huq. "Thinking about mutation : genres in 1990s electronica" / Alexei Monroe. "It's like feminism, but you don't have to burn your bra' : girl power and the Spice Girls' breakthrough, 1996-7" / Jude Davies.


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