The Viola d'amore / Harry Danks

  • Harry Danks

Edité par : Bois de Boulogne. Halesowen
ISBN : 0-900998-15-6
1 vol. (128 p.) ; illustrations, photographies, exemples musicaux ; 31 cm


The viola d'amore has never attracted the attention and adulation that have become the prerogative of the violin. The viola d'amore evolved in Germany, in two forms : in the north, as an instrument of 5 wire playing strings only, before 1679 ; and in the south, approximately at the same time, an instrument either of viol or multiple-bouted outline, with generally 6 playing and 6 sympathetic strings. Both north and south forms evolved from the viol family. An extensive and interesting repertoire exists for the instrument. Only about half its repertoire was composed in the 18th century : about a third was written after 1880


Auteur(s) : Danks, Harry. Auteur

Période(s) : 17 ème siècle | 18 ème siècle | 19 ème siècle

Lieu(x) : Europe

Instruments : Viole d'amour

Mots-clé : Organologie

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