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The art of organ-building : a comprehensive historical, theoretical, and practical treatise on the tonal appointment and mechanical construction of concert-room, church, and chamber organs

  • by George Ashdown Audsley

Edité par : Dover. New York
ISBN : 0-486-21314-5
2 vol. (600, 758 p.). illustrations, plans, gravures, photographies. 24 cm


The author gives an extensive description of all the organ's components, and sets out the differences in structure among church, concert-room, and chamber instruments. The second volume goes more deeply into construction particulars. Chapters deal with the swell in the organ, manual claviers and couplers, pedal claviers and couplers, tracker action, the slider and pallet wind-chest, the pneumatic lever and couplers, the ventil system and combination action, draw-stop action, and various materials and modes of construction of wood, metal and reed pipes. Other discussions are given over to the art of voicing, pitch, tuning, regulating, the tremolant, construction of the swell-box, the expression-lever, and electricity in organ building

Index dans le volume 2

This edition is an unabridged and corrected republication of the work first published by Dodd, Mead, and Company, New York, in 1905

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