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A History of the Lute from Antiquity to the Renaissance

  • By Douglas Alton Smith

Edité par : The Lute society of America. [Etats-Unis]
ISBN : 0-971407-10-X
1 vol. (389 p.). illustrations, photographies, exemples musicaux. 27 cm


The author traces the development of the lute from its mythical prehistory in Classical Greece to its glorious flowering in Europe's golden age of polyphony. The book explores the musical and cultural reasons why the lute became the preeminent musical instrument of the Renaissance, explaining why European poets associated the lute with the ancient Greek lyre. It recalls the sixteenth-century lute makers, who produced instruments of such musical and physical beauty that modern luthiers still emulate them today. It explores the world and the music of the most prominent medieval and Renaissance lute players and composers

Bibliographie pp. 326-361. Index

Auteur(s) : Smith, Douglas Alton. Auteur

Période(s) : Antiquité | Renaissance | Moyen âge

Lieu(x) : Espagne | Angleterre | Europe | France

Instruments : Luth | Luths | Vihuela

Mots-clé : Organologie

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