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Musical minorities : the sounds of Hmong ethnicity in Northern Vietnam

  • Lonan O Briain

Edité par : Oxford University Press. New York
ISBN : 978-0-19-062697-6
1 vol. (208 p.). illustrations, photographies. 24 cm


"Musical minorities" is the first English-language monograph on the performing arts of an ethnic minority in Vietnam. The Hmong have strategically maintained their cultural distance from foreign invaders and encroaching state agencies for almost two centuries. They use cultural heritage as a means of maintaining a resilient community identity, one which is malleable to their everyday needs and to negotiations among themselves and with others in the vicinity. Revolutionary songs, countercultural rock, traditional vocal and instrumental styles, tourist shows, animist and Christian rituals, and light pop from the diaspora illustrate the diversity of their creative outputs

Glossaire. Bibliographie pp. 191-204. Index

Auteur(s) : O Briain, Lonan. Auteur

Période(s) : 21 ème siècle

Lieu(x) : Viet-Nam | Asie | Asie du Sud-Est

Mots-clé : Ethnomusicologie | Hmong

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