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Javanese gamelan and the West

  • Sumarsam

Edité par : University of Rochester Press. Rochester
Collection : Eastman/Rochester Studies in Ethnomusicology
ISBN : 978-1-58046-523-6
1 vol. (202 p.). illustrations, photographies. 23 cm


"Javanese Gamelan and the West" studies the meanings, forms, and traditions of the Javanese performing arts as they developed and changed through their contact with Western culture. Authored by a gamelan performer, teacher, and scholar, the book traces the adaptations in gamelan art as a result of Western colonialism in nineteenth-century Java, showing how Western musical and dramatic practices were domesticated by Javanese performers creating hybrid Javanese-Western art forms.

Glossaire. Discographie p. 177. Bibliographie pp. 179-191. Index

Auteur(s) : Sumarsam. Auteur

Période(s) : 21 ème siècle

Lieu(x) : Java | Indonésie | Asie

Instruments : Gamelan | Instrument du monde

Mots-clé : Ethnomusicologie | Organologie | Colonisation

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