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Good vibrations : eine Geschichte der elektronischen Musikinstrumente = A history of electronic musical instruments

  • Conny Restle, Benedikt Brilmayer

Edité par : Deutscher Kunstverlag. Berlin
ISBN : 978-3-422-07401-9
1 vol. (167 p.). illustrations, photographies. 30 cm. 1 CD


Electronic musical instruments seem to be a clearly defined group of instruments, which made its appearance around 1900 due to the growing importance of electronical engineering and had their first great period of prosperity in the Roaring Twenties. This book presents a selection of the hardly ascertainable variety of electronic musical instruments in large-format illustrations to convey an insight into the most significant stations of the development of electronic instruments

Contient : "Preface" / Conny Restle. "Welcome note" / Jean-Michel Jarre. "Good vibrations" / Tangerine Dream. "An end to order : notes on the problems of systematizing electronic musical instruments" / Sarah-Indriyati Hardjowirogo. "Electronic musical instruments : how electricity came to music" / Benedikt Brilmayer. "Modular, semi-modular, non-modular : voltage-controlled synthesizers between complexity and playability" / Kim Feser. "Hello ? I would like to order a class set of synthesizers : musical-didactic considerations on electronic instruments" / Arne Bense. "Beating time : futuristic histories and past futures of the drum machine" / Malte Pelleter. "Gestural controllers : The Hands and Biomuse : measured bodies, new interfaces" / Andi Otto. "The computer as a musical instrument : music software and musical practice in transformation" / Andreas Möllenkamp. "Sound visions : the CX5M and the Revolution of studio production" / Michael Harenberg. "Developing musical instruments : a workshop report" / Amelie Hinrichsen, Till Bovermann, Sarah-Indriyati Hardjowirogo. "Catalogue".

Chronologie. Glossaire. Index

Cette publication accompagne l'exposition "Good vibrations : eine Geschichte der elektronischen Musikinstrumente" ("Good vibration : a history of electronic musical instruments"), du 25 mars au 25 juin 2017, au Musikinstrumenten-Museum, Berlin. Instruments du Musée de la musique exposés : Theremin E.993.3.1, Ondes Martenot E.982.9.1, Mellotron M400 E.998.1.1, Synthétiseur "Modular System" E-mu E.992.23.1

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