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Conservation in the nineteenth century

  • Edited by Isabelle Brajer

Edité par : Archetype Publications. London
ISBN : 978-1-904982-91-3
232 p.. illustrations, photographies. 31 cm


Contient : " Interpreting historical conservation terminology : "cleaning" paintings in Dutch eighteenth- and nineteenth-century sources " / Mireille te Marvelde. " Art, science and painting restoration in Napoleonic Italy, 1796-98 " / Cathleen Hoeniger. " Raphael's Marriage of the Virgin in Milan and the restoration by Giuseppe Molteni (1858) " / Giorgio Bonsanti. " A higher reality, born in the mind : notes for a philosophy of transfer " / Matthew Hayes. " Richard Redgrave (1804-1888) : first curator of paintings at the South Kensington Museum " / Nicola Costaras. " Charles Dupuis : Degas' "picture doctor" and painting restoration at the end of the nineteenth century " / Ann Hoenigswald. " Il Manuale by Giovanni Secco Suardo : its impact on the development of conservation and restoration in the nineteenth century " / Bettina Achsel. " The conservation of polychromy on medieval sculptures in Belgium in the nineteenth century and its perception by the Royal Monuments Commission of the time " / Delphine Steyaert. " The search for an enduring painting technique : Franz Fernbach and his encaustic technique as a restoration procedure for wall-paintings in nineteenth-century Denmark " / Susanne Orum and Isabelle Brajer. " Documentation of medieval wall-paintings in Denmark and Germany in the nineteenth century and its impact on conservation and contemporaneous art " / Isabelle Brajer, Ursula Schädler-Saub and Susanne Orum. " Bonnardot's Essai : a nineteenth-century restoration manual and its author " / Christopher Sokolowski. " The test of time : nineteenth-century innovations in paper analysis " / Debora D. Mayer. " Restoration of flat textiles : ideological framework, ideas and treatment methods in Sweden before 1900 " / Maria Brunskog and Johanna Nilsson. " Documentary and material evidence of nineteenth-century interventions on musical instruments of the collection of the Musée de la musique in Paris " / Jean-Philippe Echard, Justine Provino, Thierry Maniguet, Christine Laloue, Joël Dugot and Stéphane Vaiedelich. " The restoration and conservation of the bronze Apollo Saettante from Pompeii " / Erik Risser and David Saunders. " Precision and mastery : identifying the work of Raffaele Gargiulo on four Apulian vases " / Marie Svoboda. " Preservation of prehistoric objects in Denmark, 1807-32 " / Helge Brinch Madsen and Jan Holme Andersen.

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