Music in motion : Diversity and dialogue in Europe / Bernd Clausen

  • Bernd Clausen
  • Ursula Hemetek
  • Eva Saether

Edité par : Transcript. Allemagne
ISBN : 978-3-8376-1074-1
438 p. ; 22.5 cm


Contient :
The music of Jewish Europe. The paradoxical presence of a non-minority minority. - Philip V. Bohlman
Gelem, Gelem Lungone Dromeja - I have walked a long way. The international anthem of "travelling people" - symbol of a nation ? - Ursula Hemetek
Music in the European-Turkish diaspora - Martin Greve
Music from african immigrants in Europe - Wolfgang Bender
Translocal communities. Music as an identity marker in the Assyrian diaspora. - Dan Lundberg
Urban ethnomusicology : past and present. - Adelaida Reyes
"Urban myth" : Bhangra and the dhol craze in the UK - Laura Leante
Dancing for survival. Belonging, authenticity, space and place in a Chilean immigrant dance group. - Jan Sverre Knudsen
How Balkan rock went west. Political implications of an ethno-wave. - Alenka Barber-Kersovan
Immigrant musicians in an urban context - Patricia Adkins Chiti
The Taranta - Dance of the sacred spider - Annunziata Dellisanti
Attitudes, approaches, and actions, learning and teaching the musics of minorities in Europe. - Huib Schippers
Music in the immigrant communities from Turkey in Germany. Aspects of formal and informal transmission. - Dorit Klebe
Transmission of music in the immigrant communities from Turkey in Vienna, Austria. - Hande Saglam
Intercultural learning in dialogue with music. Everybody is special - Nigerian music project at an austrian Kindergarten - Christina Foramitti
War on the former Yugoslavian territory. Integration of refugee children into the school system and musical activities as an important factor for overcoming war trauma. - Albinca Pesek
Wold music Center. The world music initiative in Aarhus, Denmark. Thoughts on ita approach, rationale and operations. - Lance D'Souza
Experiences from a high school project in Copenhagen. Reflections on cultural diversity in music education. - Eva Fock
World music in Rotterdam - Ninja Kors
The teaching of Indian music in an institutional framework in Europe. - Henri Tournier
Teaching traditional music. The experience of the Cité de la musique in Paris. - Gilles Delebarre
Jamila and the others - Alessandro Di Liegro

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