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Music in motion : Diversity and dialogue in Europe

  • Bernd Clausen
  • Ursula Hemetek
  • Eva Saether

Edité par : Transcript. Allemagne
ISBN : 978-3-8376-1074-1
438 p.. 22.5 cm


Contient :
The music of Jewish Europe. The paradoxical presence of a non-minority minority.
Gelem, Gelem Lungone Dromeja - I have walked a long way. The international anthem of "travelling people" - symbol of a nation ?
Music in the european-turkish diaspora
Music from african immigrants in Europe
Translocal communities. Music as an identity marker in the Assyrian diaspora.
Urban ethnomusicology : past and present.
"Urban myth" : Bhangra and the dhol craze in the UK.
Dancing for survival. Belonging, authenticity, space and place in a Chilean immigrant dance group.
How Balkan rock went west. Political implications of an ethno-wave.
Immigrant musicians in an urban context
The Taranta - Dance of the sacred spider
Attitudes, approaches, and actions, learning and teaching the musics of minorities in Europe.
Music in the immigrant communities from Turkey in Germany. Aspects of formal and informal transmission.
Transmission of music in the immigrant communities from Turkey in Vienna, Austria.
Intercultural learning in dialogue with music. Everybody is special - Nigerian music project at an austrian Kindergarten
War on the former Yugoslavian territory. Integration of refugee children into the school system and musical activities as an important factor for overcoming war trauma.
Wold music Center. The world music initiative in Aarhus, Denmark. Thoughts on ita approach, rationale and operations.
Experiences from a high school project in Copenhagen. Reflections on cultural diversity in music education.
World music in Rotterdam
The teaching of Indian music in an institutional framework in Europe.
Teaching traditional music. The experience of the Cité de la musique in Paris.
Jamila and the others

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