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Ill. en noir et en coul.. 24 cm </p> <p class="template-call-number">[Cote : 39.13 BAC]</p> <p class="template-subject"> | Rock | 20 ème siècle | Angleterre | Londres | Musique pop | Musiques actuelles | Concert | Salle de concert | </p> 1800-01-01T00:00:00+01:000988914https://catalogue.philharmoniedeparis.fr/doc/ALOES/0988914/electric-eden-unearthing-britains-visionary-musicElectric Eden : Unearthing britains visionary music<p class="sur-titre">Livre</p> <div class="div_gradient"> <h3 class="title template-title" title="Electric Eden : Unearthing britains visionary music">Electric Eden : Unearthing britains visionary music</h3> <div class="gradient"></div> </div> <div class="div_gradient"> <p class="template-info"> Rob Young </p> <div class="gradient"></div> </div> <p class="template-editeur"> Faber and Faber : 2010 </p> <p class="template-physicalDescription"> 664 p.. 24 cm </p> <p class="template-call-number">[Cote : 39.15 YOU]</p> <div class="div_gradient"> <p class="template-summary"> In this groundbreaking survey of more than a century of music making in the British Isles, Rob Young investigates how the idea of folk has been handed down and transformed by successive generations - song collectors, composers, Marxist revivalists, folk-rockers, psychedelic voyagers, free festival-goers, experimental pop stars and electronic innovators. In a sweeping panorama of Albion’s soundscape that takes in the pioneer spirit of Cecil Sharp; the pastoral classicism of Ralph Vaughan Williams and Peter Warlock; the industrial folk revival of Ewan MacColl and A. L. Lloyd; the folk-rock of Fairport Convention, Sandy Denny, Nick Drake, Shirley Collins, John Martyn and Pentangle; the bucolic psychedelia of The Incredible String Band, The Beatles and Pink Floyd; the acid folk of Comus, Forest, Mr Fox and Trees; The Wicker Man and occult folklore; the early Glastonbury and Stonehenge festivals; and the visionary pop of Kate Bush, Julian Cope and Talk Talk, Electric Eden maps out a native British musical voice that reflects the complex relationships between town and country, progress and nostalgia, radicalism and conservatism.<br/><br/> </p> <div class="gradient"></div> </div> <p class="template-subject"> | Musiques traditionnelles | 20 ème siècle | 21 ème siècle | Royaume-Uni | Folk rock | Musique électronique | Musique pop | Histoire de la musique | </p> 2012-06-01T00:00:00+02:000177438https://catalogue.philharmoniedeparis.fr/doc/ALOES/0177438/then-now-and-rare-british-beat-1960-1969Then, now and rare british beat : 1960-1969<p class="sur-titre">Livre</p> <div class="div_gradient"> <h3 class="title template-title" title="Then, now and rare british beat : 1960-1969">Then, now and rare british beat : 1960-1969</h3> <div class="gradient"></div> </div> <div class="div_gradient"> <p class="template-info"> Terry Rawlings ; foreword by Chris White </p> <div class="gradient"></div> </div> <p class="template-editeur"> Omnibus press : 2002 </p> <p class="template-physicalDescription"> 206 p.. Ill. en noir et en coul.. 31 cm </p> <p class="template-call-number">[Cote : 39.13 RAW]</p> <p class="template-subject"> | Rock | 20 ème siècle | Europe | Angleterre | Musique pop | Dictionnaire | </p> 1800-01-01T00:00:00+01:000177431https://catalogue.philharmoniedeparis.fr/doc/ALOES/0177431/high-art-a-story-of-the-psychedelic-posterHigh art : a story of the psychedelic poster<p class="sur-titre">Livre</p> <div class="div_gradient"> <h3 class="title template-title" title="High art : a story of the psychedelic poster">High art : a story of the psychedelic poster</h3> <div class="gradient"></div> </div> <div class="div_gradient"> <p class="template-info"> Ted Owen, Denise Dickson </p> <div class="gradient"></div> </div> <p class="template-editeur"> Sanctuary : 1999 </p> <p class="template-physicalDescription"> 175 p.. Tout en ill.. 32 cm </p> <p class="template-call-number">[Cote : 39.13 OWE]</p> <p class="template-subject"> | Rock | 20 ème siècle | Angleterre | Etats-Unis | Arts plastiques | Musique pop | Musiques actuelles | </p> 1800-01-01T00:00:00+01:000177436https://catalogue.philharmoniedeparis.fr/doc/ALOES/0177436/space-daze-the-history-and-mystery-of-electronic-ambient-space-rockSpace daze : the history and mystery of electronic ambient space rock<p class="sur-titre">Livre</p> <div class="div_gradient"> <h3 class="title template-title" title="Space daze : the history and mystery of electronic ambient space rock">Space daze : the history and mystery of electronic ambient space rock</h3> <div class="gradient"></div> </div> <div class="div_gradient"> <p class="template-info"> by Dave Thompson </p> <div class="gradient"></div> </div> <p class="template-editeur"> Cleopatra : [1994] </p> <p class="template-physicalDescription"> 147 p.. Ill. en noir. 22 cm </p> <p class="template-call-number">[Cote : 39.13 THO]</p> <p class="template-subject"> | Rock | 20 ème siècle | Etats-Unis | Europe | Histoire | Musique pop | Musique électronique | </p> 1800-01-01T00:00:00+01:00